DMI: Dance Makers Inc. (Richmond, VA): January 24-26th 

28 Routines:  High1st:  4,   1st:  16,   2nd:  8

Miss Junior 3rd Runner Up Solo: “Watch Me Fly” Kylee Silva

Miss Junior 5th Runner Up Solo: “I’m Your Girl” Peyton Rossler

Miss Junior 9th Runner Up Solo: “Roar” Kalia Afocx

Miss Junior 10th Runner Up Solo: “Strong” Kinley Pivac

Miss Pre-Teen 9th Runner Up Solo: “Show Me Love” Layla Miller

Miss Teen 7th Runner Up Solo: “Heavy on the Heart” Elizabeth McDermott

Mr. Teen 2nd Runner Up: “Slide” Caleb Brickey


Junior High Score Variety Group: “Just Us”

Pre-Teen High Score Contemporary Line: “Heroes”

Pre-Teen High Score Variety Group: “Call Me Al”

Teen High Score Contemporary Duo/Trio: “Promises”


Junior Overall High Score GROUP: “Just Us”


Pre-Teen Overall 2nd Place High Score GROUP:  “Call Me Al”

Pre-Teen Overall 2nd Place High Score LINE: “Heroes”


Teen Overall 2nd Place High Score GROUP: “Sucker”


Senior Director’s Pick: “I Won’t”


Audition Regional Junior Scholarship: LAYLA MILLER

Erica’s National Teen Scholarship: NYLAH PELZER

Dejan’s National Teen Scholarship: SABRINA BUSHRUI

Brooke’s National Senior Scholarship: DANIEL GILMORE

Courage Scholarship: JACK D’AMICO

Celebration Talent Competition

Norfolk, Va – February 15th 2020

Diamond: 9 (Shining Star)

Ruby: 3 (Rising Star)

Platinum: 19

High Gold: 30

Gold: 2

1st in Category Ranking: 13

Showstopper Award:

“Cha Cha Heels” Jazz

“Swing Kids” Production

“Single Ladies” Tap

“Slide” Caleb Brickey

Performance Plus:

“Shimmy Like They Do in Paree” Lexi Morrison

“Just Us” Open

“Clout” Hip-Hop

“Suite Handel” Ballet

Best Costume:

“Roar” Kalia Afocx

“Strike That, Reverse It” Musical Theatre

“Hip 2 Be a Square” Tap

Superstar Award (Highest Score whole competition):

Ages 12 & Under: “Call Me Al”

Ages 12 & Up: “Strike That, Reverse It”

Dancer of the Year FINALISTS:

Petite: “Strong” Kinley Pivac

Junior: “Stay” Hannah Blasdell, “Watch Me Fly” Kylee Silva

Teen: “Vanilla Ice Cream” Sabrina Bushrui

OUTSTANDING Teen: “Heavy on the Heart” Elizabeth McDermott


Petite Small Groups:

1st: “Suga, Honey” Hip-Hop

Petite Large Groups:

1st: “It’s a Good Time” Open

Adult Small Groups:

1st: “Mr. Smith” Hip-Hop



Petite Solo:

1st: “Strong” Kinley Pivac

Petite Small Groups:

1st: “What is Jazz” Jazz

Petite Large Group:

1st: “Zip a Dee Doo Dah” Jazz

Junior Solos:

1st : “Watch Me Fly” Kylee Silva

2nd: “Show Me Love” Layla Miller

3rd: “My Guitar Gently Weeps” Autumn Phelps

Junior Small Groups:

1st: “Just Us” Open

2nd: “Hip 2 Be a Square” Tap

Junior Large Groups:

1st: “Boogie Woogie Beat” Hip-Hop


Junior Solos:

1st : “My Parade” Nylah Pelzer

2nd: “Stay” Hannah Blasdell

4th : ”Shimmy Like They Do In Paree” Lexi Morrison

5th:  “Sunny Side of the Street” Brianna Creque


Junior Small Groups:

1st: “Call Me Al”


Teen Solos:

1st: “Thoughts” Lauren Haverty

2nd: “Vanilla Ice Cream” Sabrina Bushrui

3rd: “Heavy on the Heart” Elizabeth McDermott

6th: “Slide” Caleb Brickey

8th: “In The End” Adrianna Myers

Teen Small Groups:

1st: “Single Ladies” Tap

4th: “Sucker” Tap

5th: “Like a Bridge” Contemporary

6th: “Suite Handel” Ballet

7th: “Come Rain or Come Shine” Contemporary

Teen Large Groups:

1st: “Clout” Hip-Hop

4th: “Heroes” Contemporary

Teen Lines:

1st: “Strike That, Reverse It”