Dance Makers Inc. Richmond, VA:  January 25th-27th 2019

“Dance Again” Award:  “State of Nothing” Contemporary

(out of 200 entries 5 were chosen)

High1st: 5,  1st: 19,   2nd: 20

Miss Junior 1st Runner Up Solo: “Brand New Eyes” Kylee Silva

Miss Junior 8th Runner Up Solo: “Heart Throb” Kalia Afocx

Miss Junior 10th Runner Up Solo: “Smile” Mackenna Sumpter

Miss Pre-Teen 6th Runner Up Solo: “Mon Amie” Lily Langer

Miss Teen 9th Runner Up Solo: “False Confidence” Lauren Haverty

Mr. Senior High Score: “Don’t Stop Me Now” Daniel Gilmore


Junior High Score Duo/Trio Jazz: “Word Up”

Junior High Score Duo/Trio Hip-Hop: “4 the 2000’s”

Pre-Teen High Score Duo/Trio Hip-Hop: “Hitchhiking”

Teen High Score Duo/Trio Ballet: “Battle”

Senior Group High Score Tap: “Sing”

Senior Group High Score Contemporary: “State of Nothing”


Junior Overall High Score: “Word Up”

Junior Duo/Trio High Score: “4 the 2000’s”


Pre-Teen Duo/Trio 3rd Place High Score:  “First Aid Kit”


Teen Duo/Trio 3rd Place High Score: “Battle”

Teen Line Judges Pick:  “Starwaves”


Senior Group High Score: “State of Nothing”

Senior Regional Scholarship: LAUREN HAVERTY

Senior Regional Scholarship: CARTER HOLST

Justin’s National Teen Scholarship: LEXI MORRISON

Brooke’s National Junior Scholarship: BRIANNA CREQUE

Brooke’s National Senior Scholarship: CASSIDY SPENCER

On Point Dance Competition: Chrysler Hall Feb 9-10th 2019

Platinum=26    High Gold= 38    Gold = 6     1st in category:

CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD:  “State of Nothing” Katie Inman

ENTERTAINMENT AWARD (Day 1): “Night at the Museum” Musical Theatre Line

ENTERTAINMENT AWARD (ages 12 & up): “Unity” Open Production

Judge’s Awards:

“Sensational Swaggar” HH small group “It’s Not Even”

“Go Teamwork” Musical Theatre small group “Born To Do”

“Shake What Yo Daddy Gave Ya” Dad Hip-Hop “Take You There”

“Joy of Dance” Kylee Silva “Brand New Eyes”

“Endless Potential” Heidi Sage “All Again”

“Beautiful Lines” Lily Langer “Mon Amie”


  • First Position Recreational) 12 and under

BALLET/LYRICAL 1st Place: “Gonna Be Happy”

OPEN 3rd Place:  “Friends”, 2nd Place: “In Your Head”, 1st Place (tie): “Different Drum” & “Just Fine”


  • Second Position (Intermediate) 12 and under

OPEN 2nd Place:  (tie) “House Party” & “Creatures of the Deep”, 1st Place: “Top of the World”

  • Second Position (Intermediate) 13 and over

BALLET/LYRICAL 2nd Place: “Finding Neverland”

OPEN 2nd Place: “That Girl”

  • Third Position (Advanced) 12 and under

TAP 1st  Place: “Saturday Night Fish Fry”

  • Third Position (Advanced) 13 and over

TAP 2nd Place: “Sing ”


  • First Position (Recreational)

Mini Small Group

1st Place: “Different Drum” Hip-Hop

Petite Small Group

1st Place: “Gonna Be Happy” Lyrical

Petite Large Group

1st Place: “Friends” Hip-Hop

Junior Small Group

1st Place: “Just Fine” Hip-Hop

Junior Large Group

1st Place: “In Your Head” Contemporary

Adult Small Group

1st Place: “Take You There” DADs

Adult Large Group

1st Place: “Not Yo Momma” MOMs

  • Second Position (Intermediate)


Petite Solo

1st Place: “Brand New Eyes” Kylee Silva

4th Place: “Heartthrob”  Kalia Afocx

5th Place: “Smile” Mackenna Sumpter

Petite Duet/Trio

2nd Place: “4 the 2000’s” Layla Miller & Campbell Spencer

Petite Small Group

2nd Place: “Creatures of the Deep” Open

5th Place: “Space Jam” Hip-Hop


Petite Large Group

1st: “Top of the World” Hip-Hop

Junior Solo

5th Place: “Never Alone” Chyna Rock

Junior Small Group

2nd: “House Party” Hip-Hop

Teen Solo

1st Place: “Ain’t Got Far To Go” Cassidy Spencer

2nd Place: “Watch What Happens” Kendall Chavez

Teen Small Group

3rd Place: “That Girl” Boys Hip-Hop

4th Place: “Finding Neverland” Lyrical

Senior Solo

5th Place: “Near Light” Megan Campbell

  • Third Position (Advanced)

Petite Small Group

5th Place: “Itsy Bitsy” Jazz

Petite Line

1st Place: “Zero to Hero” Jazz

Junior Solo

3rd Place: “Mon Amie”Lily Langer

5th Place: “Golden Slumbers” Hannah Blasdell

10th  Place: “July Moon” Sabrina Bushrui

Junior Duo/Trio

3rd Place: “First Aid Kit” Elizabeth McDermott, Hannah Blasdell & Lily Langer

4th Place: “Hitchhiking” Sabrina Bushrui & Nylah Pelzer

8th Place: “If I Didn’t Have You” Hannah Fleming & Makenzie Wise

9th Place: “The Mask” Hailey Sutton & Brianna Creque

Junior Small Groups

5th Place:  “Mortal Kombat” Jazz

Teen Solos

3rd Place: “Unraveling” Caroline Brecke

7th Place: “What We’re Fighting For” Elizabeth McDermott

8th Place: “False Confidence” Lauren Haverty

Teen Small Groups

4th Place: “It’s Not Even” Hip-Hop

9th Place: “Sing” Tap

Teen Lines

1st Place: “Night at the Museum” Character

Senior Small Groups

5th Place: “State Of Nothing” Contemporary


3rd  Place: “Unity”

VELOCITY Dance Convention/Competition- Norfolk, Va March 22nd-24th   2019


Regional Scholarship Winners: Mariah Parker and Kendall Chavez

Tour Scholarship Winners: Jovie Daniel, Hannah Fleming, Brianna Creque, Adrianna Myers, Angela Hamlin, Annabel Coons

Season Finale Winner: Giuliana Goins, Kinley Pivac, Autumn Phelps, Cassidy Spencer

Ballet Evolving Artist: Jack D’Amico

Tap Evolving Artist: Mackenzie Wise & Elizabeth McDermott

Mini MVA Runner Up: Kalia Afocx

Mini MVA 1st Runner Up: Kylee Silva

Junior MVA Runner Ups: Nylah Pelzer, Lily Langer

Junior MVA 1st Runner Up: Caleb Brickey

Teen MVA Runner Up: Lauren Haverty

Platinum: 13       High Gold: 35     Gold: 3

1st in category: 18 routines




1st: “Brand New Eyes” Kylee Silva

3rd: “Smile” Mackenna Sumpter

6th: “Heart Throb” Kalia Afocx


2nd: “Word Up” Peyton Rossler & Kinley Pivac

Small Group:

4th: “Space Jam” Hip-Hop

7th: “Creatures of the Deep” Contemporary

Large Group:

1st: “Top of the World” Hip-Hop



2nd: “Mon Amie” Lily Langer

4th: “Golden Slumbers” Hannah Blasdell


5th: “First Aid Kit” Lily Langer, Elizabeth McDermott & Hannah Blasdell

10th: “4 the 2000’s” Campbell Spencer & Layla Miller

Small Group:

1st:  “Saturday Night Fish Fry” Tap

6th: “Mortal Kombat” Jazz

Large Group:

10th: “Nightmare” Contemporary


2nd: “Zero to Hero” Open


1st: “Unity” Open



1st: “False Confidence” Lauren Haverty


4th: “Battle” Caroline Brecke & Lauren Haverty

Small Group:

5th: “It’s Not Even” Hip-Hop


3rd: “Night at the Museum” Musical Theatre


Small Group:

2nd: “State of Nothing” Open

Large Group:

1st: “Home” Contemporary