Encore Dance Competition 2013:
Highest Score of the Day award-Congrats Gracie Godinez for her solo Getting Good at Being Bad. DM was also awarded Most Entertaining and Best Choreography.

NexStar Dance Competition 2013:Platinum, 35 High Gold, 32 1st Place, American Ballet Theatre Award, Broadway Bound Award, The Smile Award, 2 Costume Awards, A Choreography Award, Sportsmanship/Backstage Award, A Standing Ovation Bravo award worth $500, 3 Title Winners, and tons of Overalls!!!!!

2013 Epic Brands Colonial Championship and Coaster Cheer Competition at King Dominion: 1st place award DM Diamondz Cheer Team, 1st Place DM Divaz Hip Hop Team!!!!!!!!!

Encore Dance Competition 2013:                        

  • 25 Platinum awards, 21 High Gold Awards, 2 Gold Awards
  • Category Placement Awards: 36 1st Place, 8 2nd Place, 3 3rd Place, 1 4th Place
  • Top Junior Solo 2nd overall: Libby Darden-Corelli
  • Top Junior Solo 1st place and TOP JUNIOR SCORE OF THE DAY: Gracie Godienz-Getting Good at Being Bad
  • Top Junior Duet/Trio overall: Kennnedy Palmeria/Daniel Gilmore-My Girl
  • Top Junior Duet/Trio overall: 5th Lilly Hendrickson/Heidi Sage-Guardian Angel, 3rd Jordyn Cowen/Ericn Pentecost-Just a Couple of Sisters, 2nd-Megan Harrell/Jemma Gains-Don’t Need No Doctor.
  • Top Petite Large Group overall: 1st Treasuers of a Friend
  • Top Junior Small Group overall: 5th Din Da Da, 3rd Dancin Fool, 2nd Stuck
  • Top Junior Large Group overall: 4th Pots and Pan
  • Top Junior Super Goup overall: 1st Cookie Time
  • Judges Special Choice Awards:
  • Congratulations Lauren Haverty for winning Infectious Energy Award
  • Top Senior Solo overall: 3rd-Morgan Littlejohn-The Lonely, 2nd-Mckenna Cowen- Hero, 1st-Kirsten Winslow-Sara Lee
  • Teen Best Costume: Queenique Dinh
  • Top Teen Solo overall: 5th-Mellina Villareal-All That I am, 4th-Sarah Creasy Miss Invisible, 3rd-Michiah Lemon-Spirit, 2nd-Olivia Lassiter-Come Go With Me
  • Top Teen Duet/Trio: 3rd Place McKenize Cobb/Sarah Creasy Sleeping Beauty Fairies
  • Top Teen Super Soloist: Queenique Dinh
  • Top Senior Duet/Trio overall: 3rd Habenara
  • Teen Teen/Senior Small Group overall: 4th Gypsies, 3rd Sleep Tight, 1st Single Girls
  • Top Teen Large Group overall: 5th Safe and Sound
  • Top Teen Super Group: 1st Knock Out

NexStar Dance Competition 2013:                              

13 Platinum Awards, 35 High Gold Awards, 1 Gold Award

32 1st Place Awards

Special Judges Choice Awards:*Smile Award-New Attitude-Cassidy Spencer, Hannah Lobb, Marissa Lange, *Rockstar Award-Let’s Rock-Production number including all team members,*American Ballet Theatre Award-Gypsies-Carson Wallner, Libby Darden, Mariah Adickes, Mckenna Cowen, Mckenzie Cobb, Paige Moore, Rachel Waller, Sarah Creasy, and Victoria Campbell,*Born to be a broadway star-Sara Lee-Kirsten Winslow

Costume Award: Corelli-Libby Darden, The Lonely-Morgen Littlejohn

Choreography Award to Miss Katie for Dancin Fool

Standing Ovation Bravo $500 Award for I’m a Woman

Backstage Award-Studio who shows great sportsmanship!!!

Miss Nexstar VA Beach Title Winners: Rockin Robin-Lauren Haverty, Getting Good at Being Bad-Gracie Godinez 1st runner up, She’s Got a Way-Victoria Campbell 1st runner up

Overall/High Score Winners: *NewStar Petite duet/trio-1st Place New Attitude: Cassidy Spencer, Marissa Langer, and Hannah Lobb, *NewStar Junior duet/trio-2nd Place My Girl: Kennedy Palmeira, Daniel Gilmore, *NewStar Petite Large Group-2nd Place Treasure of a Friend: DM Minis!!!!!, *NexStar Petite Solo-1st Place Rockin Robin: Lauren Haverty, *NewStar Junior Small Group-3rd Place Little Wonders,* NexStar Junior Solo-7th Gracie Godinez, 6th Jemma Gaines, and 5th Nicole Diorio, *NexStar Teen duet/trio-5th Mckenzie Cobb and Sarah Creasy, 4th Place Erin Pentecost and Jordyn Cowen, *NexStar Teen Solo-9th Libby Darden, 8th Queenique Dinh, 7th Melina Villrreal, *NexStar Teen Small Group-5th Sleep Tight, *NexStar Teen Large Group-5th I’m a Woman, 4th Knock Out, *NexStar Senior Solo-4th Kirsten Winslow

StarQuest Dance Competition-Upper Marlboro MD 2013

22 Gold Awards, 24 High Gold Awards, 3 Platinum Awards

Judges Choice Awards:

*Fun Characterization Award-Jordyn Cowen and Erin Petecost

*Smile for Days Award-Taylor Jefferies

*Pretty as a Picture Award-Michiah Lemon

*Too Cute Award-Kennedy Palmeira and Daniel Gilmore

*Beautiful Smile Award-Nicole Diorio

*Great Dedication-Jemma Gaines

*Totally Together Award-Single Girls Group Routine

*Born to Entertain-Lauren Haverty

*Creative Concept-Cookie Time Group Routine

*That’s Entertainment-Kirsten Winslow

Costume Awards:

Best Costume-Kennedy Palmeira and Daniel Gilmore, Costume Distinction Award-Gracie Godinez, Costume Distinction Award-Lauren Haverty, Cotume Distinction-Gypsies Group Routine,Best Costume-Victoria Campbell and Rachel Waller,Best Costume-Victoria Campbell

Overall Awards:

1st Place Overall Petite/Junior Duet/Trio-Kennedy Palmeira and Daniel Gilmore, 5th Place Overall Petite Solo-Lauren Haverty, 5th Place Overall Junior Line-Cookie Time by Miss Katie, 10th Place Overall Junior Small Group-Dancin Fool by Miss Katie

Best Choreography Award: Safe and Sound Group dance by Mrs. Jenn Buchheit


9 Diamond Awards-perfect score, 27 Platinum Awards, 5 High Gold Awards

Category Awards: 29 1st place, 9 2nd place, and 2 3rd place

Special Awards: Rockin Turns to Lauren Haverty, Broadway Bound to Kirsten Winslow, Dangerously Dynamic to Tamiya Williams/Annabel Coons, Clarity and Commitment to group routine Stuck, Perfect Picture Award to group routine Safe and Sound,

Top Score and Overall Awards:

Top Petite Soloist Lauren Haverty, Top Junior Soloist 8th Nicole Diorio, 7th Megan Harrell, 3rd Gracie Godinez. Top Teen Soloist 4th Krista Rhodes, 3rd Michiah Lemon, and 2nd Sarah Creasy. Top Senior Soloist: 5th Victoria Campbell, 3rd McKenna Cowen, 1st Kirsten Winslow.

Top Junior Duet/Trio: 1st Place Kennedy Palmeria and Daniel Gilmore and 3rd place Jordyn Cowen and Erin Pentecost

Top Teen Duet/Trio: 3rd place McKenzie Cobb and Sarah Creasy

Top Senior Duet/Trio:Rachel Waller and Victoria Campbell

Top Junior Small Group: 2nd place Stuck and 1st place Dancin Fool

Top Junior Large group: 1st place Pots and Pans

Top Junior Super Group: 1st place Cookie Time

Top Junior Production: Let’s Rock!!!!!

Petite Best Choreography Nomination: Rockin Robin-Miss Katie

Petite Most Entertaining: Treasures of a Friend-Mrs. Jen

Junior Highest Score of the Day: Let’s Rock!!!!!!

Nomination to Re-compete for Grand Champion: Dancin Fool

Top Teen Small Group: 4th Gypsies and 2nd Sleep Tight

Top Senior Small Group: 1st Single Girls

Broadway Dance Center Scholarship and Tour to NYC: Kirsten Winslow!!!!!

Teen Most Entertaining Group: Knock Out-Miss Katie

Senior Highest Score of the Day: Kirsten Winslow

Nomination to Re-compete for Grand Champion: I am a Woman


Coastal Cheer and Dance Competition 2013 at Kings Dominion: 1st Place DM Diamondz Cheer Team, 1st Place DM Divaz Hip Hop Team!!!!

Epic Brand Colonial Championship Cheer Competition 2013: 1st Place DM Diamondz Cheer, 1st Place DM Divaz Hip Hop Team!!!!!!                           

Dance Performances:
IOWC Pageant/IOWC Fair, Peanut Fest, Smithfield Christmas Parade, Dance Team Showcase, Mock Competition, Health Festivals and seminars at local elementary schools, NexStar Dance Competition, Starquest Dance Competition, Encore Dance Competition.

Cheer Performance:
IOWC Fair, Peanut Fest, Smithfield Christmas Parade, Christmas Recital, Spring Fling Coastal Cheer and Dance Competition, Epic Brands Colonial Championship.