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RecitalJune Recital

Dynamic Movements holds an exciting end of the year recital in June at a local venue. The recital is made up of 2-3 shows for a full week/weekend event. Students are only required to attend the show that their class is performing in. All students are expected to attend the madatory dress rehearsal which is held the week before. Students pay a recital fee at time of registration that includes tickets, a program, a recital t-shirt and trophy.

Christmas Recital

Dynamic Movements holds a Holiday recital during a weekend in December. The recital is composed of holiday group routines as well as special performances from the Dance Team. Any Dynamic Movements student may participate in the holiday group routine portion of the recital. Each one of these students must purchase a holiday costume as well as pay a recital fee that includes tickets and a program. Students are asked to sign up in October.