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Baltimore, MD  –   January 27-29th

Platinum -2, High Gold – 29, Gold – 20

1st in Category – 18

Mini Solos:

2nd Place- “A Tisket, A Tasket” Brianna Creque

3rd Place- “Respect” Chyna Rock

5th Place- “It’s A Small World” Campbell Spencer

Mini Duo/Trios:

1st Place- “Shake The Room” Kendall F., Layla & Campbell

Junior Duo/Trios:

3rd Place- “Inseparable” Angela, Lauren & Kennedy

4th Place- “Sisters” Lauren & Elizabeth

5th Place- “This Little Light” Hannah B. & Lily L.

6th Place- “Your Momma Don’t Dance” Hannah F. & Makenzie

7th Place- “I’ll Keep You Safe” Nylah & Anye

8th Place- “Blue” Kendall C. & Daniel

9th Place- “What Is This Feeling?” Emma C. & Hannah L.

10th Place- “Forget About the Boy” Cassidy F. & Cassidy S.

Junior Solos:

4th Place- “Thanks for the Boogie Ride” Lauren Haverty

5th Place- “Man in the Mirror” Elizabeth McDermott

Junior Small Groups:

6th Place- “Beautiful Things”

Teen Duo/Trios:

6th Place- “Bounce” Taylor & Carter

9th Place- “Nowadays” Caitlin & Ally

10th Place- “The One That I Want” Jessica, Kylee & Olivia

Teen Large Groups:

5th Place- “Revolution”

8th Place- “Light That Never Fails”

Senior Solos:

9th Place- “You’re Just” Krista Rhodes

10th Place- “Never Ever” Tori Schatzel

Senior Duo/Trios:

1st Place- “Medicine” Megan & Taylor



Virginia Beach, VA – March 17-18th 2017

5 stars: 27    4.5 stars: 37    4 Stars: 15

Special Awards: “Classy & Sassy” Lauren Haverty, “Potential Plus” Christlynn Dixon & Lexi Morrison, “That’s Entertainment” Brianna Creque, “Comedy Queen” Kylee Bird, “100% Energy” ‘Just Got Paid’, “Broadway Babes” ‘Forget About The Boy’, “Pretty Pictures” ‘Up We Go’, “Exceptional Energy” ‘We Are Brave’, “Timeless Style” ‘Luck Be a Lady’.



Petite Solos:

1st: Brianna Creque “A Tisket, A Tasket”

5th: Campbell Spencer “It’s A Small World”

Petite Duet/Trio:

1st: “Shake the Room” Kendall, Layla & Campbell

Petite Small Groups:

1st: “All Aboard”

3rd: “Sleepover”

4th: “Conga”

Petite Large Groups:

1st: “Rockin’ Robin”

2nd: “Walk the Dinosaur”

5th: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”


Junior Solos:

1st: Hannah Fleming “Fashion”

3rd: Lexi Morrison “A Bushel & a Peck”

5th: Katelin Gilmore “A Dime A Dozen”

Junior Duet/Trios:

2nd: “Just Got Paid” Daniel, Gage & Maddon

3rd:  “Melodies & Desires” Ryan & Casey

4th: “Your Momma Don’t Dance” Hannah & Makenzie

Junior Smal Groupsl:

4th: “Come Little Children”

5th: “More Than 4”

8th: “Raspberry Beret”

Junior Large Groups:

4th: “What’s Up, Duloc”


Teen Solos:

3rd: Christlynn Dixon “See You Then”

Teen Duet/Trios:

1st: “Blue” Kendall & Daniel

2nd:“Sinking Friendship” Megan & Katherine

Teen Small Groups:

2nd: “One Little Life”

Teen Large Groups:

1st: “Dreams Come True”


Senior Duet/Trios:

1st: “Nowadays” Caitlin & Ally

Senior Small Groups:

1st: “Like A River Runs”



Junior Solos:

2nd: Elizabeth McDermott “Man in the Mirror”

4th: Nylah Pelzer “Wings”

5th: Caroline Brecke “I Want”

7th: Lily Langer “Bird Girl”

Junior Duet/Trios:

2nd: “Sisters” Lauren & Elizabeth

7th: “I’ll Keep You Safe” Nylah & Anye

Junior Small Groups:

1st: “Beautiful Things”

2nd: “Up We Go”

Junior Large Groups:

3rd: “We are Brave”


Teen Solos:

8th: Lauren Haverty “Thanks For The Boogie Ride”

Teen Duet/Trios:

5th: “Inseparable” Angela, Lauren & Kennedy

Teen Large Groups:

1st: “The Light That Never Fails”

2nd: “Revolution”

Teen Lines:

2nd: “If You Only Had A Mustache”

3rd: “Call Me Up”

5th: “Hey Momma”


Senior Solos:

8th: Annabel Coons “Burn”

9th: Lauren Cox “Endangered Species”

10th: Megan Harrel “Stuff Like That There”

Senior Duet/Trios:

7th: “Medicine” Megan & Taylor

9th: “Bounce” Carter & Taylor

Senior Small Groups:

3rd: “Run Run Run”

8th: “Luck Be A Lady”

Senior Large Groups:

1st: “Pass On”

4th: “Bird In A Cage”

Quantum Leap! Most Entertaining:

“If You Only Had A Mustache”

Best Choreography:

“Beautiful Things” & “The Light That Never Fails”


Norfolk, Va – April 1st -2nd 2017

Showstopper Award: “Shake the Room”,
“Beautiful Things”, “Sleepover”, “Revolution”

Performance Plus:
“Up We Go”, “Rockin’ Robin”, “I Want”,
“Hey Momma”, “You’re Just…”

Choreography Awards:
“A Tisket, A Tasket”, “Inseparable”, “Bird Girl”

Best Costume: “Medicine”, “Endangered Species”

Superstar Award (Highest Score all JR. routines):

“Thanks for the Boogie Ride” Lauren Haverty

Dancer of the Year FINALISTS:

Petite: Campbell Spencer

Junior: Nylah Pelzer, Lauren Haverty

Teen: Carter Holst

Senior: Tori Schatzel

Judges Specials:

“Extraordinary” Carter Holst ‘Latch’

“Lovely Lyrical” Jessica Barbish ‘Georgia On My Mind’

Diamond – 4,  Platinum – 28,

High Gold – 35,  Gold – 12


Petite Large Group:

1st : “Walk The Dinosaur”


Petite Solos:

1st : “A Tisket, A Tasket” Brianna Creque

Petite Duet/Trios:

1st: “Shake The Room” Kendall, Layla & Campbell

Petite Small Groups:

1st : “Sleepover”

Petite Large Groups:

1st : “Rockin’ Robin”

Junior Solos:

1st : “Thanks for the Boogie Ride” Lauren Haverty

2nd: “Man In The Mirror” Elizabeth McDermott

3rd: “I Want” Caroline Brecke

4th : “Bird Girl” Lily Langer

6th: “Wings” Nylah Pelzer

13th : “This Is Me” Hannah Lobb

Junior Duet/Trios:

2nd : “Inseparable” Angela, Lauren & Kennedy

3rd : “Vanity” Casey & Adrianna

4th : “Sisters” Lauren & Elizabeth

5th : “I’ll Keep You Safe” Nylah & Anye

Junior Small Groups:

1st : “Beautiful Things”

3rd : “Up We Go”

Junior Large Groups:

1st: “We are Brave”

Teen Solos:

2nd : “Latch” Carter Holst

5th : “The Best Thing” Heidi Sage

8th : “Dark Doo Wop” Kennedy Palmeira

Teen Duet/Trios:

5th : “Bounce” Taylor & Carter

Teen Small Groups:

6th: “Memories”

Teen Large Groups:

3rd : “Revolution”

5th : “The Light That Never Fails”

Teen Lines:

2nd: “Call Me Up”

Senior Solos:

4th : “Never Ever” Tori Schatzel

Senior Duet/Trios:

1st: “Medicine”

Senior Small Groups:

2nd : “Run Run Run”

Senior Large Groups:

1st : “Pass On”