Register Now!!!!! Fun Summer Camps and Classes at DM. Forms available at the office and on our website. We are excited to offer classes during the day and in the evening in all styles of dance. DM is also excited to offer Ballet Boot Camp, Musical Theater Camp through TADA, and Summer Dance Day Camp every Thursday!!!! We hope to see you there.

Bring a friend week

May 4-9th bring a friend to dance class week!!!! Show off your skills and share your love of dance with friends. Each current DM student is welcome to bring a friend to their class next week. Student’s who bring a friend will get a special treat and of course we will give our guests a special DM gift!!!!

May Tuition

Just a reminder that May tuition is now due. DM will charge a $5 late fee on the 5th day of the month. Accounts still due on the 10th will then receive an additional $5. You can pay by phone, by mail, or at the front desk. Dynamic Movements also offers an automatic payment option.

*CURRENT AUTOMATIC PAYMENT STUDENTS-for the safety and protection of our parents, all automatic payment forms will be shredded after June tuition is applied. A new form will need to be filled out when students register for the Fall Session.

Recital Note

*Students who are not participating in recital-please note that during the month of June, we will be taking pictures and rehearsing our recital routines. We recommend that only students participating in the recital attend classes during the month of June except students in CREATIVE MOVEMENTS, TUMBLE AGES 2-3, ADULT CLASSES AND WORKSHOP CLASSES. The above listed classes will have normal weekly classes in June since we will not be rehearsing routines for the June Recital during class time.

Memorial Day

Dynamic Movements will be closed Monday May 25th. We will hold normal classes on Friday May 22. We will still hold all Saturday classes on May 23.

*No Dance Team Rehearsals but we will hold Conditioning and Tumble classes.

Facebook Spirit Contest

Sport your favorite DM attire during the week of May 11-16th to dance class. Take a picture and post the picture on our Dynamic Movements Facebook page. The Dancer’s picture with the most likes by May 17th will get free June tuition!!! Good Luck 🙂

Looking for the next DM Stars!!!!

Come be a part of the experience, join the 2015/2016 Dynamic Movements Dance Team!!!! Take Classes in all subjects taught by our qualified professional staff. Compete with some of the nations top studios both locally and nationally. Be a part of workshops, conventions, community shows and so much more!!!!

Dance Team Audition Times

Friday May 29th Ages 5-6 5:5:45pm
Sunday May 31st Ages 7-8 11:30am Check In
Ages 9-12 12:15pm Check In
Ages 13-19 3:15pm Check In

*New this year, DM will offer an Elite program. Dancers will get additional opportunities such as traveling to NYC to Broadway Dance Center to take workshop classes, Head shot and Bio classes. Our Elite company will also travel to special competition/convention weekends and additional performance/audition opportunities.

*Also new this season, DM is proud to present our Ballet Select Program. This is a new program for students who are interested in focusing on Ballet and Pointe’. In addition to taking Ballet technique classes, these students will also meet for an extra class to learn character, partnering, and classical variations. We will also give these students the opportunity to travel to Ballet Workshops and Auditions. This program is by invitation only and information will be available later this month.

Dancing Around the World June Recital 2015

We are excited to be performing at the Harrison Opera House in Norfolk for our June show. Please find below the times and dates for Dress Rehearsal and Performances. Each class is assigned to Act 1, 2, or 3. Each Act will have its own trophy ceremony and Finale. Each Act will be roughly 2 hours in length.

Act 1: Dress Rehearsal Thursday June 18th
*5:30pm-Parents Meeting and Dress Rehearsal

*Attention Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, and Senior Ballet Students (Ballet Production will rehearse during Act 2 Dress Rehearsal-students only in this routine do not need to attend Act 1 Dress Rehearsal). Please plan to perform in both Act 1 and 2 on Show Day.

*Attention Dance Team will Rehearse C’mon Get Country Production during Act 1 but not in Act 2 and Act 3 Dress Rehearsals). Please plan to perform in all 3 Acts on Show Day.

Show Day June 2oth: Performance Time 10am (arrive by 9:30am)

Class/Routine Assignments for Act 1:
(These are not listed in order of the performance)
Ballet Production
Creative Movements
#50 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages 4-5
#14 Ballet, Tap Tumble Ages 4-5
#102 Tumble Ages 5-7
#110 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages 5-6
#41 Hip Hop A Ages 9-11
#42 and #71 (combined) Tap
#43 Tumble A/B Ages 9-11
#74 Jazz A/B Ages 9-11
#75 Hip Hop B Ages 9-11
#76 Contemporary A/B Ages 9-11
#70 Ballet B Ages 9-11
#112 Tap B Ages 9-11
#69 Petite Tap
Dance Team- Just Can’t Wait
Dance Team-Second Star to the Right
#133 Mini Tap
#87 Junior Contemporary
#95 Pre-Teen Tap
#90 Junior Pre Pointe
#11 Teen Contemporary
#37 Teen Hip Hop
#77 Senior Hip Hop
#83 Senior Tap
Dance Team-Zeus
Dance Team-C’mon Get Country
Cheer Team- Team Onyx
#99 All Boys Hip Hop Ages 7-12

Act 2: Dress Rehearsal Friday June 19th
*1:00pm-2:00pm American Ballet Production Rehearsal.

* 2:15pm Parents Meeting and Dress Rehearsal for all dancers in Act 2

Show Day June 2oth: Performance Time 2pm (arrive by 1:30pm)

Class/Routine Assignments for Act 2:
(These are not listed in order of the performance)
Ballet Production
#136 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages 3-4
#40 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages 3-4
#106 Ballet, Tap Tumble Ages 3-4
#73 Ballet, Jazz, Pom Ages 4-5
#20 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages 5-6
#1 Tumble A/B Ages 6-8
#2 Ballet B Ages 6-8
#3 Contemporary Ages 6-8
#15 Hip Hop A Ages 6-8
#21 Tap A Ages 6-8
#22 Hip Hop B Ages 6-8
#28 Ballet A Ages 6-8
#47 Jazz A Ages 6-8
#103 Petite Ballet
#23 Mini Ballet
Dance Team- Can’t Hurry Love
#59 Junior Hip Hop
#17 Pre-Teen Pointe
Dance Team-Trickle Trickle
#10 and #62 Teen Pointe
#30 and #54 Senior Pointe
Dance Team-That Man
Dance Team-Faith
Dance Team-Runaway
Dance Team-Kung Fu Fighting
Dance Team-C’mon get Country
Cheer Team-Team Platinum
#63 Pre-Pointe C

Act 3: Dress Rehearsal Friday June 19th
5:30pm-parents Meeting and Dress Rehearsal

Show Day June 2oth: Performance Time 6pm (arrive by 5:30pm)

Class/Routine Assignments for Act 3
(These are not listed in order of the performance)
#84 Tumble Ages 3-4
#85 Ballet, Jazz, Tap Ages 3-4
#130and #137 (combined) Ballet,Tap,Tumble Ages 3-4
#97 Ballet, Tap Tumble Ages 5-6
#127 Ballet, Tap, Tumble Ages4-5
#4 Ballet A/B Ages 12+
#5 Jazz A/B 12+
#38 Hip Hop A/B 12+
#25 Tap A/B 12+
#134 Contemporary A/B 12+
#49 Mini Contemporary
Dance Team-Girl Power
Dance Team-Colours
#93 Pre-Teen Hip Hop
#91 Junior Tap
Dance Team-Goods
Dance Team-The Melody
Dance Team-100 Easy Ways
Dance Team-Feet do yo’ Stuff
#36 Teen Tap
#82 Senior Contemporary
Dance Team-Electri-City
Dance Team-Clockwerk
Dance Team-Get Happy
#67 Pre-Teen Contemporary
Dance Team-Because we can
Dance Team-C’mon get Country
#100W Polynesian

June Recital Costume Picture week:
We will be taking pictures during regular class times during the weeks of Monday June 1-Saturday June 13. Each class will have class one week and pictures one week during these weeks. A picture schedule was emailed and are also available at the front desk. All costumes will be distributed during normal class times during the weeks of May 18-May 30th.

June Recital Program Ads Contest:
Congratulations to our winners!!!!
1st Place Shanice Myrick
2nd Place Kyrielle Bonner
3rd Place Chyna Rock

June Recital Tickets and Packet info: Recital packets will be handed out after June 1st. The packets include 1 program book, 1 T-shirt, 2 admission wristbands/tickets for parents, 1 backstage pass, and a trophy for students who have attended DM for 3 or less years.

*Additional tickets will be available through a Ticket Master box office or at the studio staring June 1st. The ticket prices are $12 ($13 if you use a credit card to purchase). To avoid a service fee please purchase the tickets from the Scope box office or at the studio (we can only accept cash and checks at the studio for tickets). Parking is free on dress rehearsal days but it will be $5.00 to park in the Harrison Opera House parking lot on the day of the performance. Children ages 2 & under are FREE and of course all of our performers do not need a ticket for admission.

Ballet Production for June Recital:
An American Tribute
Attention Junior Ballet, Pre-Teen Ballet, Teen Ballet, Senior Ballet, and Ballet C .Listed below are the additional rehearsals to prepare for the June Recital. Please pay the $20 rehearsal fee by the first rehearsal (Flag girls need to pay $25).

Sunday May 3rd:
Flag Girls: 1-4:30pm
Junior: 2:30-3:30pm
Senior 3:30-4:30pm

*The entire production will rehearse on June 13 9:30-10:30am right before pictures 10:30-12pm.

*additional Flag Girl Rehearsal TBA

Creative Movements rehearsals:
Students will meet at the studio to practice on Friday May 8 5:00-5:30pm, Friday May 29th 5:00-5:30pm, and Friday June 12 5:00-5:30pm.

Attention DM Cheer Team:

Bring a Friend Week May 4th-9th

*Parents Meeting Friday May 1st at 6:30pm

*Pizza Party TBA

*Possible Competition Performance Saturday May 16 at the Hampton Convention Center.

*Thirty-One Fundraiser is planned for the month of May-booklets available on Friday May 1st:)

Attention DM Dance Team:


Bring a Friend Week May 4th-9th

May 15-17: Show Stoppers Dance Competition at the Hampton Convention Center in Hampton, Va.

May 29-31st: Dance Team auditions. Please see schedule above.

*Thirty-one Fundraiser is planned during the month of May-booklets available Friday May 1st 🙂