Dynamic Movements’
For nearly two decades Dynamic Movements has been providing excellent professional dance education in a warm, caring, and safe environment for our families and community. We are dedicated to continuing to provide this service while keeping our dancers and their families safe and healthy.
Following guidelines from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we are able to begin our 17th season with live, in-studio classes and vitural options, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.
We have outlined clear expectations and procedures to follow that will help to keep our DM family safe.  Please read them carefully.
Additional Cleaning
In addition to our usual daily routine cleaning of building and restrooms, instructors are disinfecting high-contact surfaces, such as ballet barres, floor dots, tumble mats, between classes.  Lobby and restroom door handles, lightswitches, and frequently touched surfaces are wiped or sprayed with disinfectant multiple times throughout our business hours.
Air Quality
Germ-eliminating air purifiers have been installed in each studio.  Our HVAC system pulls in outside air and its filters are changed regularly. Our building is equipped with 4 units providing 4 different filitration systems for the classrooms.  We also regularly open studio doors to ensure fresh air circulation as well.
Staff Health
Our staff’s health is screened daily. They are held to the same standards as described below for dancers.  We do not allow staff in the building if they are ill or have recently come into contact with COVID-19 positive persons.
In order to provide proper social distance measures, we are simply unable to allow parents and siblings into the building at this time. We understand that there may be a need for a rare exception to this rule so we have included procedures for those times in a later section.

Pre-Arrival Procedures
Families should perform a health check before coming to the studio.

  • Temperature check.  Dancers with temperatures of 100F or higher within the past 48 hours should stay home.
  • Symptom check.  Dancers with any of these symptoms unrelated to pre-existing conditions (allergies, asthma, etc.) should stay home.
    • sore throat
    • cough
    • chills
    • muscle aches
    • shortness of breath or trouble breathing
    • loss of taste or smell
    • severe headache
    • abdominal pain
    • diarrhea or vomiting within the past 48 hours
  • Close contact check. Dancers who answer yes to the following questions should stay home.
    • Have you or a family member had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
    • Have you or a family member had close contact with anyone who has been quarantined for actual or possible exposure to COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
Upon Arrival
Know your class studio #  

Front entrance doors have been marked for each studio.  Dancers, please wear a mask, maintain proper social distance, and wait outside your studio entry door until the previous class has exited and your instructor invites you in.

If you arrive late, please knock on your studio’s door or use the Studio 2 entrance so that the office attendant can help you with arrival sanitation procedures.
Entering the studio
Be prepared to  
  • Remove your street shoes.  Please do not wear your dance shoes into the building.  You may change into them when you arrive.  Staff is available to help younger dancers.
  • Your teacher will sanitize your hands with a CDC approved hand sanitizer.
  • Your teacher will conduct a visual health screening at the door.  If we note any symptoms listed in the Home Health Check, we will ask the dancer to wait outside.  We will check your dancer’s temperature, and consult with the parent or caregiver. If there is reasonable doubt regarding the health of any dancer, we will ask the child to go home.
  • Parents should remain in their cars or outside the building.  Parents may leave the premises if they wish as long as they return by the end of their child’s class time. Please be sure we have a current cellphone number for you on file.
In the studio
Dancers are expected to follow these protocols:
  • Stay in your dance area as designated by your instructor. Class sizes are limited to the allowable number of students and instructors able to be present in each studio and the building as a whole at one time.  Your instructor has marked spaces that will allow dancers to maintain social distance while in the studio.
  • Mask use
     VDH has stated that masks may be removed while exercising if social distancing is maintained.  Dancers who wish to remove their masks during class may do so if they wish.  Instructors will not remove their masks while teaching.
  • Water.  We have restricted the use of our water fountains to refilling reusable bottles only.  Students may not drink directly from the fountains at this time.  Dancers are permitted to bring water in a container with a lid into the studio with them.  Juice, soda, or sports drinks are not permitted in our studios.  These options may only be consumed in our lobbies or eating areas.  Please refrain from sending your child with anything other than water unless they have a snack or lunch break.
  • Creative Movement Props. Our youngest dancers use scarves, beanbags, and musical instruments during their class.  To help protect them from COVID-19, we are requiring Creative Movement dancers to purchase a personal prop bag for $10. They will bring their bags to each class and use their own materials instead of sharing.
Time will be allotted at end of class for students to change into their street shoes and masks, and have their hands sanitized by their instructor.
  • Parents please wait outside the studio door to pick up your child.  Dancers will no longer be released to you if you are waiting in your car.
  • Please be on time.  If you are late it takes time away from the next class while the instructor finds a safe supervised space for your dancer to wait for you to arrive.  If you know you are going to be late due to an unforseen occurance (train, traffic) please notify us by calling the office.
Dancers with multiple classes
Wherever possible, we have scheduled classes likely to be taken concurrently in the same studio.  If you have to switch,
  • Masks must be worn in the common areas
  • Please maintain proper social distancing while traveling through lobbies and hallways
  • Ensure your pick-up person knows which studio door you will be exiting from.
  • If you exit from a different studio than you entered, please move your street shoes inbetween classes to your exit doorway and then sanitize your hands.
Dancers with breaks between classes
  • Masks must be worn in the common areas at all times except when eating.
  • Please maintain proper social distancing.
  • Use the cubbies in the tile lobby or the spaces under the tile lobby chairs to store your beloningings to keep them apart. We ask that you try to store your belongings in the tile lobby because it is easier to sanitize the hard floor, and dancers who have breaks typically are scheduled in studios 1 & 2.  Therefore, you do not need to travel throughout the building to find your belongings.
In order to keep with the CDC guidlines and gathering suggestions, only dancers are permitted in the studio.  Family members and friends MUST REMAIN OUTSIDE.
Occasional exceptions may happen.  Here’s how to handle them. Each door leading in the studio is equipped with cleaning supplies, masks, and hand sanitizer for everyone’s use.
Bathroom emergencies

Should the need arise, our restrooms may be used.  Wearing a mask, please enter through the Studio 3 entrance door.  Remove your shoes at the door and sanitize your hands.  Walk straight to the back of the building where you should see two black restroom doors to your right. When you are finished, please exit the building promptly, and sanitize your hands as you leave.

Retail needs 

Does your dancer need new shoes?  Tights?  Leotard?  Shorts?  Skirt? We have some options to help you get what you need with limited contact.

If your dancer is young and you must come in to help them select needed items, please enter through the door marked Studio 2.  You should remove your shoes at the door and sanitize your hands.  Please be sure to wear a mask.  The office attendant will guide you from there.
If your dancer is older, you may wish to have them choose their own items and ask the office attendant to charge their account.  You can then pay online or over the phone.
No matter what your dancer’s age, you can also call the office and ask us to fit them for shoes or provide them with tights and then charge your account.  We can do this during, immediately before or after class. You can then pay online or over the phone.
If none of the aforementioned scenarios matches you needs, we can still make something work.  Come to the Studio 2 entrance door and check with the office attendant.

We offer several options to pay….

  • Online payments.  Login to your studio account at www.compudance.com Your username is the email address you provided the studio with.  The first time you login your password will be Dance#19.  You may change your password after your initial login.
  • Automatic Tuition Payments. Stop by the front desk or ask your dancer to pick up an automatic credit card to ACH payment form. Credit cards require a one-time fee of $25 to process automatically.  Once we have received your form, we will process your tuition payment and recital installments on the last Tuesday of every month.  Please note: other charges will not be processed automatically.  You must given us written or verbal permission to run payment for any other types of charges (such as retail).
  • Phone payments. You may call us with a credit or debit card to make a payment over the phone during our normal office hours.757-686-0554
  • Checks. Send one in with your dancer, place it in the dropbox next to the Studio 5 door, or mail it to us at 3205 Bridge Rd., Suffolk VA 23435.
  • Cash or in-person payments. Enter the building at the Studio 2 entrance.  Wear a mask.  Remove your shoes.  Sanitize your hands.  The office attendant will assist you.

Registration forms will be made available online at www.dynamicmovements.com We will also have forms at the studio.

Completed forms with accompanying payments can be placed in our drop box next to Studio 5’s entrance, or mailed to 3205 Bridge Rd., Suffolk VA 23435.  They may also be brought to the studio.
We will announce special outside in-person registration dates and times through email and on Facebook.
You may also register during our operating hours at our front desk at the Studio 2 entrance.
Questions and Conferences
Sometimes questions arise.  We are happy to help!  Call us at 757-686-0554.  If you call outside of our normal operating hours, please leave a message and we will return it promptly.
We are available by email at info@dynamicmovements.com
Should a non-office related matter need attention, please call us to schedule an appointment.  We can arrange a meeting outside the building or during a time there are a few spaces available inside.
Online Classes
We understand that not everyone may feel comfortable being at the studio, or have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from doing so.  For those dancers, we will offer online classes through zoom these classes are coded on the schedule as V for Virtual.
Attendance and Missing Classes
Should a dancer need to miss a class, they may make it up in any other class at the same level.
Please call to notify us beforehand so that we can be sure we have enough space to maintain social distance.
You may also choose to make up a missed class virtually through one of our online classes.
We cannot discount tuition for missed classes.
Staying in the Know
These are unusual and constantly changing times. We update our DM Family regularly through email and Facebook.  If you are not receiving emails from us, please speak with an office attendant.
Your adherence to these policies is vital in keeping us all healthy and the studio open for in-person classes.  Please share these expectations with your dancer so that we can all make this year a happy one for all!